Children with low vision? Think MiYOSMART instead of limiting their future!

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Children with low vision? Think MiYOSMART instead of limiting their future!

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For many years, our optometrists at Opticians have been passionate about caring for short-sighted (myopic) children with contact lens therapies such as Misight soft contact lenses or overnight orthokeratology. These specialised contact lenses slow the progression of myopia. But, until now, there had been no alternative to contact lenses. We are excited to announce that a groundbreaking new glasses therapy is now available at MiYOSMART lenses from HOYA, which use new D.I.M.S technology to help manage the development of myopia. They have been clinically demonstrated to be an excellent option for slowing the progression of myopia and are as simple to wear as any other pair of children’s glasses.

Managing children’s myopia is a key aspect of our clinical offering because every increase in short-sight increases the risk of later-life eye illness, such as retinal detachment, glaucoma, macular disease, and cataract. This is a global ticking time bomb: as short sight becomes more common due to a combination of environmental and inherited causes, the prevalence of these disorders is expected to climb as these short-sighted youngsters grow into adults.

Furthermore, job options for short-sighted people are more limited — many occupations, particularly in the armed forces, demand good uncorrected vision rather than just adequate vision with glasses or contact lenses.

More information on D.I.M.S. Technology – a Breakthrough in Myopia Management

MiYOSMART glasses lenses are single vision lenses that provide clear vision in the same way that traditional lenses do. MiYOSMART lenses, on the other hand, feature a cutting-edge design known as D.I.M.S, which means that on the lens surface there is a “treatment zone” that consists of hundreds of minuscule ‘lenslets’ on the lens surface; these areas provide further treatment correction. This additional correction is intended to influence the progression of the level of short-sightedness. Based on the findings of a two-year clinical research, MiYOSMART has been shown to slow the growth of myopia in children by 60%*.

So, while wearing their glasses, your child will see clearly, but the D.I.M.S technology will also manage the growth of their eyes (and thus the amount of their short-sightedness). Other advantages of MiyoSmart lenses include:

  • Material that is impact resistant and safe for active children
  • UV shielding
  • Light and thin
  • Anti-reflective coating

Looking after your child’s eyesight. Children should ideally:

  • Spend at least 2 hours per day outside.
  • Take breaks from prolonged periods of intense screen time or near-work.
  • Take note of their surroundings, such as correct lighting and posture.
  • Maintain regular eye examinations to ensure that myopia or other vision problems are diagnosed and treated as soon as possible, reducing vision deterioration, myopia development, and other repercussions of high myopia.