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Why Should You Take Your Child to the Optician This Month?

Taking care of your child’s eyesight can be difficult, especially if they are unaware of how their vision compares to the ideal norm. As a result, depending on their needs, it’s a good idea to take them for a routine eye exam every two years or fewer. Of course, COVID limits in recent months have…
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Children with low vision? Think MiYOSMART instead of limiting their future!

For many years, our optometrists at Opticians have been passionate about caring for short-sighted (myopic) children with contact lens therapies such as Misight soft contact lenses or overnight orthokeratology. These specialised contact lenses slow the progression of myopia. But, until now, there had been no alternative to contact lenses. We are excited to announce…
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The Blue Light

Questions about ‘blue light’ from our patients are becoming more common, in part due to new products promising to block or reduce damaging blue light, and in part due to increased use of screens and light sources, which means we are exposed to more blue light than in the past when we were not all…
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