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What makes designsensibilitymaine.com unique? You may be confident that our thorough eye examinations at designsensibilitymaine.com Opticians provide a reassuringly accurate assessment of your vision.

We are committed to offering the highest quality eye examinations and devote enough time to all patients to assure the finest in eye care. A basic eye checkup lasts about half an hour, and the optician will employ a variety of tests suited to your specific needs.
All of our tests are performed with the most advanced eye care technology and are included as part of a standard eye examination in the majority of our stores. We also offer free retinal screening to examine the health of your inner eye in greater detail and identify a variety of potential conditions. Regular retinal screening allows the optician to compare the health of your eyes year after year and readily spot any changes that have occurred. Please go here to check which of our locations offers retinal screening. We also have an in-house glazing facility in most of our stores, which means we can provide a 1-hour service for your prescription eyewear*.
To learn more, contact your nearest shop.

Presbyopia Long Sightedness Focus  - Tumisu / Pixabay

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